Why You Need An SEO Expert For Your Website


Have you but thousands of dollars into a gorgeous website filled with high-quality content? However, with each passing day, you only get the smallest trickle of traffic. The problem is not your website or the content. It may be the website has not been optimized properly for the search engines or your target audience. If you are not getting the traffic, leads, or sales you had hoped for, it may be time to call in an SEO expert to do a full audit on your site. Let’s take a look at what is included in one of these SEO audits.

Your SEO consultant is first going to look to make sure that your website is indeed accessible to the search engines. There may be a problem with the Robets.txt which may simply be blocking search engines from “talking”with your website. If the search engines cannot access the site properly, they have no way to index it.

After this step, your site will be checked for indexed pages. This step entails finding out how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google or one of the other search engines. This step helps to find duplicate content as well as understand why specific pages or posts may bot have been indexed.

The next step of this process includes reviewing the sites overall on-page factors. This includes checking that the URLs are short and SEO friendly,  analyzing the core of the content, as well as titles and meta descriptions. All of these are factors in ranking in high in the search engines.

The next step that theSEO expert will look over are the off page factors of the site. In general, this is going to include all of the backlinks going to the site. In the past, backlinks were an important part of the ranking strategy. However, as the process was highly abused, Google began to put less and less emphasis on backlinks. In fact, bad backlinks can know penalize your site, and that is what your expert is going to be looking for. If they find bad links they will do their part to get them disavowed and get your site ranking again.

Finally, your expert is going to perform a competitor analysis. This will entail looking over other sites in your niche to see where they are strong and where they are weak.

Once this process has been completed by an SEO agency, you should start to see an increase in traffic and rankings.